Day 2 saw an 8 o’ clock start for the drive from Colmar to Lake Lucerne.   I think we were all shattered from the trip the day before and the night shoot, but nobody was late.   The mini-bus was repacked and we were soon on our way.

The plan was to arrive there at 11 o’ clock, but I can’t remember if we did.   The trip was very flexible and we had lots of stops along the way.   That gave us all the opportunity to sample the motorway service areas and some smaller local services along the way.   I remember entering Switzerland from France and being impressed by the first motorway services we stopped at.   Switzerland has a reputation for being very clean, and that certainly applied to the restaurant we ate in.   It was immaculate, and the choice of food was immense, with lots of fresh fruit available too.   I don’t think I have ever seen a service station in the UK that gets even close to the one we used.

We were going to have one session in the city of Lucerne, and a second around the lake with the models.  We were left to our own devices for the city shoot, so all four photographers went their different ways.   Lucerne is quite a busy place, it’s certainly not huge, but there were a lot of people around and the roads were busy too.  I decided to stick close to the water and take some shots of views that caught my eye.   I have included some of those in the gallery below.

We were back in the mini-bus after a couple of hours to head out of Lucerne for a place on the outskirts for the model shoot.   We were shooting around a jetty used by the various boats that worked around the lake, ferrying tourists and locals about.   Sharon worked on that jetty.   The backdrop it provided for her was beautiful, with some mountains in the background.   Alexa used some parkland adjacent to the lake, and I centred in one large tree which she worked around.

It was a very hot day, in fact the whole trip was very warm indeed for the whole week.   That provided a bit of a challenge as the light was very harsh and shade was at a premium.  Nevertheless, we all ploughed on and got our shots, some of which you can see in the gallery.

By 3:30pm we were back in the bus, and ready to head for our next hotel in Colico, and what was to be my favourite lake of the  trip, Lake Como.   More of that in the next instalment. 

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