I have so many posts to catch up on since the move to this new website.   I’m getting there, perhaps not quite as quickly as I would like, but I am making inroads into the backlog.   This post is all about a trip I took as a photographer, organised by photography trainer Andrew Appleton, his wife and stylist Helen Appleton, and two models, Sharon Janney and Alexa Hilton and our driver, Steve.   The trip was undertaken in September 2017.

There’s a couple of things to establish before I go on.   This was a highly organised road trip, generating a lot of miles.  A lot.  I realised just how many when we got back home.  The other thing was that day 1 wasn’t really day 1, it was day 2, but that doesn’t read write in my blog because if i start with day 2 people will wonder where day 1 went.   You’re confused?

Let’s call real day 1 something else, like day 0.   That’s the day we all met each other, most of us at a business park in Milton Keynes.   The minibus had to be very carefully packed, we all had our gear to get in, plus enough clothes to last for a week.   Talking of clothes, the back of the bus already looked like an averagely sized women’s high street shop as Helen had brought a massive amount of clothes for the models.  There was also a stack of make-up stuff too, so it was safe to say that we were snug in the bus.

We set off late afternoon to pick up another photographer en-route to the Eurostar terminal at Folkestone.  I had never been through the tunnel before so I was keen to see how it all worked.   We arrived there in plenty of time and settled down in the terminal, waiting to be called forward for our train, which was, thankfully on time.

We travelled through the night, so day 0 became day 1.   Once off the train in France, we had a drive from Calais to Colmar in the south-east of France.   This was possibly the hardest part of the trip, it was a very long drive, although we did have plenty of breaks along the way.   Breakfast was taken at a lovely cafe during a rest break in Epernay, centre of the champagne producing region.   I have never been a fan of the bubbly stuff as it gives me indigestion, but the area is beautiful.   The company houses are magnificent too.   Soon we were on our way again to Colmar, stopping once more in the afternoon for a bite to eat and some light refreshment at a now sadly forgotten location.

Our hotel for the night in Colmar was quite modern.  I had a lovely room, light and comfortable.  There was not too much time to relax in it though, as we had our first shoot that evening in an area known as Little Venice due to the amount of water running through it.  It was a beautiful part of the town.  We  picked a spot and got on with our work.  Andrew was on hand to lend assistance with the kit if we needed it, but we were left to our own devices for the shoot.  Helen was constantly tweaking and refining the look of the models, and keeping hair in place.  We drew our first crowd of the trip, who were keen to see what the mad Brits were up to.

 At the end of the shoot we headed back to the hotel to drop our kit off, and then to one of the many restaurants next to the hotel.   Throughout the trip the food was superb, and the place we chose set the tone.  From there to bed and an early start in readiness for day 2.


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