Some time ago, I was asked by another local wedding photographer, Bish Patel at Bish Photography,  if I would like to accompany him and assist in covering an Indian wedding in London.   I know from listening to other photographers and reading their blogs that Indian weddings are lengthy and quite complex.  Nothing they said was untrue!   I jumped at the chance.

In all, three photographers were covering the day, Bish, Rob Simpson and me.   Bish is related to the groom and would be taking part in various elements of the ceremony so couldn’t cover the whole event.   Rob was photographing the bride and I was there to plug any gaps whilst they were both busy.

Rob and I travelled together from Chatteris to the hotel venue beside Heathrow Airport.   We had to leave early as the route meant taking the A14, M1, M25 and a short stretch of the M4, all roads notorious for delays.   Thankfully the journey went smoothly and we arrived in plenty of time.   Car parking wasn’t an issue and the lift to the main level was working, so moving our kit wasn’t an issue either.   After grabbing a brew – coffee for Rob, tea for me – we were both ready to get started.

It’s fair to say that it was a very long day.   The ceremony went on for four hours or so, and Bish told me that was the shortened version.   I found it all fascinating, the sights and sounds were so different from any wedding I had photographed.   Everyone was so friendly and welcoming, and made sure we were fed.   I don’t think I’ve eaten so much at a wedding.

I have included a selection of images in the gallery from the ceremony, cake cutting, first dance and the after party, which was wild.  I Iost count of the number of times I was called over to photograph party goers on the dance floor.   What a great day, and a fantastic couple.

GALLERY – 19 Images