The time for change was long overdue, my website needed a major re-working.

Getting to where I am now has been a fantastic experience and I have learned a lot along the way.   One of the most important things was to know when to make a change and not hold on to something just because I liked it.  That applied to my old website.   New technologies had arrived and the old site couldn't keep up, at least not in the way I wanted it to.   It was awful on mobile devices, and that's where most of my enquiries were generated.   It is all about first impressions, and if that isn't good people will look elsewhere.  It also became apparent that I didn't have the knowledge to update that site, so it was time to call in the experts.

I now have a beautiful website that I am very proud of.   Yvette at Lemonade Design and Kat at Copy Kat Creative did a wonderful job on it.   I have a fully integrated blog and I intend to use it.   This is my first post using it, so I'm still finding my way around, but I'll get there.   I intend to blog at least weekly and I'll be adding some old posts, so you might see a slight increase in traffic.

For now, I'll be getting to grips with all of the new functionality that I have, and adding a few updates here and there.   The first job is to get some new images added to my galleries and then to sort out some of my old blog posts.


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