The bluebell season seems such a long time ago. I’m sitting at my PC, looking out of the window and it’s raining again, so it’s an update day but no shooting for me. This is July so the weather should be so much better by now. I am old enough to know that the weather carries no guarantees in England though, so I shouldn’t be surprised.

It was different in May, as we had a burst of lovely warm weather and some sunshine. That gave me the opportunity to explore one of the reasonably local bluebell woods with Amber Tutton, to get some shots of the magnificent carpet of blue that exists for such a short period of time. Bluebell woods are magical places to see, but you have to be quick before the flowers fade away and die, to be replaced by a green carpet.

The place we went to was a little off the beaten track, but it was well worth the walk out. The sun was shining and birds were in full song, but on the downside midges and bugs were having a party. I got bitten repeatedly but we found a lovely spot on the edge of the wood with some wonderful light and the nasty creepy crawlies left us alone.

The picture below is my favourite from the session as I feel it captures the atmosphere of the day and Amber looks fantastic.

All too soon the light changed and it was time to leave. It was a bit sad as the chance to shoot bluebells is a once a year opportunity and I knew that was it for this year.

There are more shots to see in this gallery which may better reflect the beautiful blue floor of flowers at their peak, just before they waned and died. You can see them by clicking on the gallery below.

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